Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been in an accident, what should I do?

First, try to stay calm. Check yourself and others involved in the accident for injuries, and call 911 right away if anyone is injured. Call your local police department to report the accident. Do not move your vehicle unless you are at risk of getting hit again or causing another accident, or if directed to by a police officer or emergency personnel. If you are in a safe area try to get the name of the other person(s) involved in the accident, along with their phone number, driver’s license number, vehicle license plate, and insurance information. Also obtain any witnesses names and phone numbers. Note the location, time, and date. Use your camera on your phone to take photos of the accident scene, and damage to the vehicles involved. After leaving the scene, call us and we will let you know what steps to take next depending on your insurance company and the details of the accident.

Do I need an estimate first?

Before we write an estimate we try to determine who will be paying for the repairs, whether it’s your insurance company, the other parties insurance company, or if you’ll be paying out of pocket. Different insurance companies will have different processes depending on the type of accident and who the responsible party is. We will let you know the most efficient way to handle your claim so we can make the process as fast and stress-free as possible.

Do I need to get multiple estimates?

In the past, some insurance companies would make you get multiple estimates so they could pay for the lowest one, regardless of repair quality. This is not the case today as that act is now illegal. The decision of where to get your vehicle repaired is a decision you make as the vehicle owner. Therefore there’s no need to spend hours driving around getting multiple estimates. You can choose the shop you want to go to, and you only need to get an estimate from them, unless you want to get multiple estimates. The decision is yours to make, not your insurance company’s.

What information will I need to bring?

We will take your contact information, vehicle information, and some details about the accident. We will also need the insurance information, including claim number, of the insurance company that will be paying for the repairs. If you do not have this information yet don’t worry, we can help you with whatever the next step may be. Give us a call and we’ll let you know what’s needed to move forward.

How long will it take?

That will depend on the extend of the damage, however Wilson’s CARSTAR has an unrivaled turnaround time on repairs. We have a streamlined process and avoid the backups that so many other repair facilities experience. Our highly skilled technicians, our facility layouts, our advanced repair technologies and equipment, as well as our production management systems all help us to ensure on-time delivery.

Will the repairs be covered under a warranty?

All of our collision repairs are covered under a lifetime warranty, regardless of the insurance company paying for the repairs. Our warranty covers body repair workmanship and paint quality. The replacement parts used usually carry their own warranties which passes to you, the end consumer. Some issues like pre-existing rust or non-accident related issues are not covered under our warranty- please ask one of our estimators for more details about our lifetime warranty.

Can I get alternative transportation while my vehicle is being repaired?

We offer free loaners and/or rental car assistance on qualified repairs (usually repairs $1,000 or more). Ask one of our estimators for details.

Who do I pay my deductible to?

Your deductible is paid to Wilson’s CARSTAR upon picking up your vehicle when repairs are completed.

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