Fleet Services

Wilson’s CARSTAR (Wilson Collision Centers) offers a range of fleet services from detailing company cars to restoring heavy trucks and equipment and everything in-between.

Our shops can handle any size fleet from pizza delivery vehicles to the power company’s service fleet including utility trucks, cranes, tractors, and more.With our fleet-specific processes in place, we’re able to keep your cost low and your repair quality high.

Some of the services we do on a regular basis include:

• Auto body repair for car rental companies
• Restoring utility trucks and cranes for electric and cable companies
• Rhino Linings® for a variety of pick-up truck fleets, as well as decks of utility trucks and more
• Fiberglass repair and refinishing for RV dealerships
• Restoring tankers for oil and gas companies
• Detailing for corporate cars and trucks

Companies We Work For:

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